• $500 Million Spent on War on Patients
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‘Peace for Patients’ is a project of Americans for Safe Access to Demand Congress adopt
Federal Laws to End the War on Medical Cannabis Patients and their Providers

100 Grand Campaign

How would you spend $100k?
The federal government spends well over $100,000 of taxpayer money each day to fight the war on patients. Use this toolkit when speaking to your Members of Congress to gain support.
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Policy Agenda

Here's how Congress can End the War on Patients
Congress has several options at its disposal to bring peace for patients, from a cease fire (the CJS amendment) to complete truce (HR 689). Here are ASA's recommendations to end the war.
Policy Agenda

August Action

Talk - Action = Zero
As summer winds down, it's time for patients and advocates to step up and turn the heat on Congress. You control the war on patients, join us this summer in demanding Congress end the war on patients.
August Action

What's the Cost?

A Detailed Account of the Costly War on Patients
The report takes an in-depth look at both the financial and human price of the federal government's expensive and failed war on medical cannabis.
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Faces of the Prisoners of War

The battle for safe access to medical cannabis spans over 40 years in the United States and includes each branch of federal government and almost every state legislature in the country. Yet, medical cannabis is one of those issues that seem far from the lives of most Americans -- that is, until they or a loved-one needs it. Our government is waging is waging a war on drugs that have patients in the crossfire.

Every war has casualties and a price tag. The War on medical cannabis is no different. The battle for safe access to medical cannabis is not just a battle of politics and laws it is a war that is being waged in our neighborhoods, affecting millions of lives every year, and costing the US taxpayers hundreds of million dollars. These are just a few of the faces of the prisoners of war.

Share Your Story

Has medical cannabis helped improve your quality of life or the life of a friend or loved-one? Or have you or someone you loved been effected by the war on Patients? If so, please share your story with us.


Endorsements for Medical Marijuana

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    "People who are dying and suffering in states where medical marijuana is legal should be able to use the drug under a doctor's supervision to ease their pain without having to worry that the federal government is going to bust down their door and arrest them. It is immoral to deny people access to medicine that can help relieve their pain and suffering."

    Maurice Hinchey, Former Member, US House of Representatives (D-NY)
  • elizabeth-warren-cropped "I held my father's hand while he died of cancer, and it's really painful when you do something like that up close and personal... It puts me in a position of saying if there's something a physician can prescribe that can help someone who's suffering, I'm in favor of that... [Medical marijuana] should be like any other prescription drug... It's really hard to watch someone suffer that you love... My father was sick and there was some conversation about whether or not marijuana would have helped.”
    Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator
  • LFA_square_logo"Be it resolved that this organization urges Congress and the President to enact legislation to reschedule marijuana to allow doctors to prescribe smokable marijuana to patients in need; and, Be it further resolved that this organization urges the US Public Health Service to allow limited access to medicinal marijuana by promptly reopening the Investigational New Drug compassionate access program to new applicants."
    The Lymphoma Foundation of America, the world's largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer
  • lawyer-a-melvin-mcdonald-jr-photo-1174400“There are plenty of folks in Arizona like me, who don’t fit the profile of a medical marijuana advocate. We are here and we will use our voices to fight for people like my son… Don’t criminalize behavior of my wife, other mothers and fathers, or patients, who seek only to use the one plant that gives them some quality of life.To take the one healing plant from the medically needy and criminalize their desperate need for relief provided my professionally cultivated marijuana would be the real crime.”
    A. Melvin McDonald, Former Maricopa County Prosecutor & U.S. Attorney